by Christy Wagner, Editor

33rd Annual Official Lake of the Ozarks Shootout Program Guide

If you’ve ever been to the Lake of the Ozarks Annual Shootout, then you’ve probably also gone to one or more of the many events which lead up to the races during the third week of August. Behind each one of these events is a group of people who dedicate their time and energy to ensure our charities and fire departments remain funded, and that our small Lake communities continue to thrive. Often unseen and under-thanked, the individuals who spearhead these charitable pursuits are typically local business owners who pull from their own personal interests to provide for others.

Mark & Tiffany Maasen | Courtesy of Brad Glidewell PhotographySometimes, where the busy meets the blessed and life’s everyday magic allows for something truly magnificent to happen, two people fall in love while doing everyday, magical things. Like a diamond, Mark and Tiffany Maasen met under the pressures of streamlining the Annual Shootout in 2013. For those unfamiliar with the behind-the-scenes operations of this yearlong endeavor, some might compare it to the combined pressure (effort) needed to make a diamond, which is the rough equivalent of 40,000 elephants standing on your toe. United and undaunted, Mark and Tiffany have continued to collectively step up and give back every year since.

Despite their busy lives, Mark, a seasoned Shootout Committee Board Member and Co-Owner of Poly Lift Boat Lifts in Sunrise Beach, noticed Tiffany at a Shootout Board Meeting eight years ago. Tiffany, Owner/Broker of Maasen Insurance Services in Camdenton, sat as the Committee Chair for the Annual Wishing on a Ride event. It was her inward warmth, outward positivity and genuine passion for the causes she supported which drew him in. The two were later married on New Year’s Eve in 2014, while surrounded by 500 family members and good friends.


Mark Maasen at the Annual Wishing on a Ride Event | Courtesy of Jason Followell


Wishing on a Ride | Courtesy of Jason Followell


Wishing on a Ride | Courtesy of Jason Followell

Year after year, Mark can be counted upon to help support Friday’s Annual Shootout Poker Run. This year’s Poly Lift – Lakefront Living Realty – Sunrise True Value Hardware Poker Run extends from the 7 mile marker to the 47 mile marker with eight designated stopping points, and it gathers roughly 120 boats each year. Tiffany’s event comes to life during the Thursday before, where Wishing on a Ride allows for critically ill children or those with special needs (along with their families) to ride along with first responders, or high performance boaters/racers from across the country. The joy and exultation that this experience gives to these children and their families is indescribable, and to the Maasens, it’s what the Shootout is truly all about.


Annual Poker Run | Courtesy of Lake Shots Photography


Annual Poker Run Poly Lift Boat | Courtesy of Lake Shots Photography


Annual Poker Run | Courtesy of Lake Shots Photography

“For us, as a blended family of six kids and eight grandkids, our entire family knows that it’s both a business and a family affair,” Mark said. “We wear our race shirts, work hard to prepare for the week’s activities, and usually take time off from work to give the most with our involvement.”

Tiffany also sits as a Committee Chairwoman for the Lake of the Ozarks Live Auction event; a sub-event which raised more than $250,000.00 for local children’s charities last year.

“Shootout week is absolutely electric!” Tiffany said, in closing. “It brings so many people together — not just our community and businesses, but the entire country! The fact that I have had the honor to be a part of this amazing event while doing what I love with the man I love makes all of the hard work so much fun! Our entire family gets involved where we can and it’s “all hands on deck” for the Wish Rides, Poker Run and Live Auction!”

Cheers to yet another electric year, Maasen family. We will see you all in August!


Mark & Tiffany Maasen | Courtesy of CarolaPix


Lake of the Ozarks Shootout Awards Ceremony | Courtesy of Mark & Tiffany Maasen


Mark & Tiffany Maasen at the 2020 Shootout Awards Ceremony | Courtesy of Brad Glidewell Photography