Lake of the Ozarks Shootout

Bob Morgan Memorial Hall of Fame

Class of 2019

- Ron Duggan, Captain Ron's
- David Leathers, Showcase Publishing
- Kent Morris, volunteer/course director
- Don Onken, American Ethanol/competitor/owner/overall Top Gun
- Brad Rowland, competitor
- Charlie Schaefer, competitor

Class of 2018

- Michael "Doc" Janssen, competitor
- Jason Johnson,
- Rob Lauer, Shooters 21
- Dennis Parvey, competitor
- Brett Manire, Performance Boat Center
- Mark Waddington, Performance Boat Center

Class of 2017

- Bob Bull, competitor
- Jim Melley, competitor
- Richie Prince, competitor
- Carrie Sixkiller, competitor
- Garth Tagge, competitor
- John Tomlinson, TNT Custom Marine/competitor/overall Top Gun

Class of 2013

- Bob Morgan, competitor/organizer (posthumous)
-Dave Callan, competitor/overall Top Gun
- George Denny, volunteer/photographer
- Jeff Dorhauer, volunteer/organizer/fire department
- Margie Frazier, volunteer/fire department
- Ron Frazier, volunteer/fire department
- John Page, volunteer/fire department/co-organizer of first Shootout
- Randy Scism, Marine Technology Inc./competitor
- Dave Scott, competitor/overall Top Gun
- Fran Steingrubey, volunteer/fire department/co-organizer of first Shootout
- John Suellentrop, volunteer/fire department/co-organizer of first Shootout

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