Poly Lift Lake Expo Poker Run Registration

Registration Form

Poker Run Registration



1. All participants agree to follow all rules as outlines by the Missouri State Water Patrol.

2. Poly Lift Shootout Poker Run is NOT a race. All boats must follow BEHIND the pace boat until released. Passing the pace boat will result in disqualification. The Water Patrol has asked that all boats stay under 60 MPH while behind the pace boat.

3. Each driver and all boat passengers must sign a waiver and release stating that he/she is fully aware there are risk and hazards in the sport of power boating and that loss and personal injury can occur. Each participant states that they will not hold the Poker Run Committee, Lake of the Ozarks Shootout, Inc., or any of its subsidiaries, sponsors or stops liable should they be harmed during the duration of the event. Each entrant states that they are entering this event on a voluntary basis.

4. Personal flotations devices (PFD/Life Jacket) are mandatory and are to be worn during this event while boat is in operation by all participants. Drivers should have kill switch lanyards attached during the poker run.

5. Each driver must sign that they have not been drinking before the start of the run.

6. The Poker Run Committee and the Water Patrol request that alcohol not be consumed during the poker run by the driver of the boat.

7. Each stop shall be considered a NO WAKE area - please approach each stop at a low speed during the run.

8. There is a 120 maximum number of boat entries. Please sign up early!

9. If you do not finish and do not turn your cards in by the specified time, we will assume that you are not going to turn your cards in and are forfeiting your entry. The ONLY exception is in case of a breakdown. In such case, please call any poker run official (numbers will be provided) to report the problem.

10. If you are in line at the "cutoff time" you will still be allowed to draw a card. If you come after to draw, you will not be eligible to draw at the final stop!

11. You may purchase additional cards (2 per hand) when turning cards in. ALL ADDITIONAL CARD PURCHASES WILL GO DIRECTLY TO CHARITIES OF THE LAKE OF THE OZARKS SHOOTOUT.

12. In the case of a tie, the top three hands will be paid. If there are more than two hands tie, a 5 card re-draw will be dealt among the tied hands.


14. The run will go on rain or shine - NO REFUNDS will be given.