Racing FAQ

General Requirements:

  • You must be 18 years of age or older to participate.
  • No passengers will be allowed, driver and throttleman if needed.
  • Registration online or on site.
  • If a boat has more than one driver, each driver must register individually and get their own racer number.

  • Boat Requirements:

  • Minimum 22 feet boat length
  • Helmet and 100 mpr life jacket
  • Functioning kill switch
  • Marine radio (we have some to loan if needed)

  • PWC Requirements:

    PWC Racing is held on Sunday 9-10am. The PWC course is a half mile course. PWC racers are required to wear a helmet, a 100 mpr life jacket, and functioning kill switch.

    PWC Course Tips:

  • Meet at the tritoon start boat about half way between start and finish.
  • When you are called you will run to the finish buoys.
  • Then turn to the right and idle along the green buoy line back to the start boat your second run.