Lake of the Ozarks Shootout 2024

Class Of 2024

  • Scott Frandsen, Mid-County Fire Protection District
  • Jim Schultz, Factory Billet
  • Matt Trulio,
  • Ed Grimm, Shootout Technical Inspector
  • Frank Scarpino – Parking Volunteer

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Class Of 2023

  • Tony Chiaramonte, DCB
  • John Crabtree, Rough Water Docks
  • The “Cornerstone” Registration Crew: Jackie Bartholomew, Kim Gericke, Donna Lampe, Jacki Palmquist and Kerry Willoughby
  • Randy Kelly

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Class Of 2022

  • Mark Maasen, Poly Lift Boat Lifts/competitor
  • Missouri Eagle, sponsor
  • Mike “Gordo” Gordon, competitor
  • Scott Lyons, Central Power and Rigging
  • Ruben Sifuentes, Central Power and Rigging
  • John Teichman, Shooters 21
  • Michael Wagner, Toni Wagner, Sandy Laffoon, volunteers/radar crew

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Class Of 2021

  • Randy Kent, Marine Concepts Motorsports/competitor
  • Dennis Klautzer, KRMS Radio
  • Rob Morgan, past competitor and son of Bob Morgan
  • Ivan “Buck” Stracener, competitor
  • Connie Weyer, Advantage Marine LOTO/volunteer
  • Dave Weyer, Advantage Marine LOTO/volunteer

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Class Of 2020

  • Myrick Coil, Performance Boat Center/competitor
  • Brad Harrington, competitor
  • Tim Kowalski, Bio-Kleen/competitor
  • Tiffany Maasen, volunteer/competitor
  • Bob Teague, Teague Custom Marine, volunteer/broadcaster/competitor

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Class Of 2019

  • Ron Duggan, Captain Ron’s
  • David Leathers, Showcase Publishing
  • Kent Morris, volunteer/course director
  • Don Onken, American Ethanol/competitor/owner/overall Top Gun
  • Brad Rowland, competitor
  • Charlie Schaefer, competitor


Class Of 2018

  • Michael “Doc” Janssen, competitor
  • Jason Johnson,
  • Rob Lauer, Shooters 21
  • Dennis Parvey, competitor
  • Brett Manire, Performance Boat Center
  • Mark Waddington, Performance Boat Center


Class Of 2017

  • Bob Bull, competitor
  • Jim Melley, competitor
  • Richie Prince, competitor
  • Carrie Sixkiller, competitor
  • Garth Tagge, competitor
  • John Tomlinson, TNT Custom Marine/competitor/overall Top Gun

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Class Of 2016

  • John Cosker, Mystic Powerboats/competitor/overall Top Gun
  • Carolyn Dorris, PlayCraft Boats/competitor
  • Jim Dorris, PlayCraft Boats/competitor
  • Tom Newby, Powerboat magazine
  • Rick Smith

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Class Of 2015

  • Mike Fiore, competitor, Outerlimits Offshore Powerboats (posthumous)
  • Dustin Hancock, volunteer/fire department
  • Justin Martin, volunteer/start boat
  • Steve Wallace, Advanced Marine/competitor

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Class Of 2014

  • Leo Case, volunteer/broadcaster
  • Diana Dorhauer, volunteer/registration
  • Ed Hancock, volunteer, fire department
  • Scott Poest, volunteer/programmer
  • Bill Seebold, co-organizer of the first Shootout
  • Brad Smith, competitor
  • Bill Swineburg, volunteer/water patrol

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Class Of 2013

  • Bob Morgan, competitor/organizer (posthumous)
  • Dave Callan, competitor/overall Top Gun
  • George Denny, volunteer/photographer
  • Jeff Dorhauer, volunteer/organizer/fire department
  • Margie Frazier, volunteer/fire department
  • Ron Frazier, volunteer/fire department
  • John Page, volunteer/fire department/co-organizer of first Shootout
  • Randy Scism, Marine Technology Inc./competitor
  • Dave Scott, competitor/overall Top Gun
  • Fran Steingrubey, volunteer/fire department/co-organizer of first Shootout
  • John Suellentrop, volunteer/fire department/co-organizer of first Shootout

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