Lake of the Ozarks Shootout 2024

Valvoline Powerboat Racing Norway, is proud to announce their participation in the Shootout at Lake of the Ozarks in August 2024. The team will be shipping their Twister 24 / 450 R Mercury 2018, which has been expertly rigged and modified by Braaten Offshore Racing, to compete in this prestigious event.

Led by team owner and driver Per Taraldsen, a seasoned racer who has been active in formula catamarans since the age of 16, Valvoline Powerboat Racing Norway brings a wealth of experience to the table. Taraldsen is a world champion race winner and has twice finished as a runner-up in the F4 World Championship. With seven National Championships, a Nordic Championship, and two world speed records under his belt (one in F4 and one in Formula 2), Taraldsen is highly regarded by racers from around the globe.

Taraldsen will be joined by his talented nephew, Eirik Danielsen, as the co-pilot in the Twister 24 / 450 R Mercury. Danielsen has had success in both offshore and circuit racing, with notable achievements in marathon racing and the UIMF1h2o World Tour support class. Together, Taraldsen and Danielsen make a formidable team with a strong track record in the powerboat racing community.

Adding a touch of femininity to the team is Oline Nordli, a 21-year-old powerboat racer from Tvedestrand, the powerboat capital of Norway. Nordli, who currently races an offshore 3B Twister with an 115 Mercury XS, has an impressive list of championships to her name, including being the current European and Nordic champion. Nordli’s expertise and experience will be invaluable as she assists the team in testing at Lake of the Ozarks.

The Valvoline Powerboat Racing Norway team is well known for its meticulous preparation and attention to detail. Every boat they have worked on, from junior 15hp models to Xcat offshore boats, has undergone extensive testing with a focus on drivability. For the Shootout at Lake of the Ozarks, the team’s goal is to exceed speeds of 120mph with a single Mercury 450 R. To ensure maximum performance, renowned propeller specialist Dave Dewalt is customizing a prop specifically for this run.

The team’s participation in the Shootout at Lake of the Ozarks holds a special meaning for Taraldsen. In April 2021, he tragically lost his best friend and mentor, Rolf Magne Sunde, to cancer. Sunde was a highly respected powerboat racer and engine tuner who had a deep love for the United States. In honor of his late friend, Taraldsen will race with Sunde’s overall and helmet, creating a special tribute to a man who knew everything there was to know about racing in the USA.

“We are excited to be heading to the Shootout at Lake of the Ozarks, and we will be well-prepared,” said Taraldsen. “This event has always been a dream for me, and it holds a special significance as we race in memory of Rolf. We are dedicated to giving our best and making our mark in this prestigious competition.”

The Valvoline Powerboat Racing Norway team’s commitment to excellence, combined with their deep passion for the sport and their heartfelt tribute to Rolf Magne Sunde, makes them a force to be reckoned with at the Shootout at Lake of the Ozarks.

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