Vendors - Lake of the Ozarks Shootout

Please contact Ron Duggan at for more information about vendor spaces.

For 2021 Vendor spaces are broken into 4 different categories: Premium walkway locations, premium beach locations, secondary walkway locations and parking lot walkway locations.

There will be 8 premium beach locations. These spots will be located on Cannonball Beach which is in front of Dock number 4. There is a wooden walkway located approximately 30 feet from the lake. Each spot will be 10 foot wide and will run all the way to the water. These spots are $500.00 for each 10×30 spot.

There will be 36 premium walkway locations. These spots run along Treasure Pass (walkway) and meander from Captain Ron’s all the way around both beaches to Dock 6. Each spot is 10×10 and is $400.00 which includes electricity if needed.

There will be 8 secondary walkway locations and these are located behind the premium walkway locations by Dock 5 and Dock 6. There is a boat ramp between dock 5 and dock 6 and these locations are easily seen and accessible by walking up the boat ramp and behind the premium locations. Each 10×10 spot is $175.00.

There will also be 10-12 parking lot locations known as Racer Village. They will accommodate boats, trucks, tents or even larger display trailers. For each space of 10×20, the cost is $250.00. You can have multiple spaces connected together to accommodate several boats, vehicles or larger trailers.

Any vendor that participated in 2020 will have first option on the spaces available after the sponsors have picked their locations. Set up this year must be done by Thursday, August 26th at noon. You are welcome to set up Wednesday or Thursday. Take down will again be after 4:00 p.m. on Sunday, August 29th. All vendors will receive parking passes for an offsite parking location by the Hurricane Deck Bridge. There will be a shuttle available for transporting you. You may bring your set up to the property, drop it off at your booth location and then you must park your vehicle at the offsite location. If you prefer to park at the top of the hill in the RV park, you will be charged a parking fee.

All proceeds from Vendor Booth Sales will go to the Shootout Charities. All proceeds will be donated to the Shootout Charities.


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